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1 x 3-12-6 Bloom 32 fl-oz
1 x Dyna Gro Foliage Pro 32 fl.oz
1 x 12cm Clear Round Pots, Non Aircone Type Sold in Packs of 5 only
1 x Tree Fern Substrate 10Lt Bag
1 x Orchid Myst 750ml Bottle
1 x Orchid Focus Bloom 1lt Bottle
1 x Orchid Stamp Collecting by Harry Wilshaw
1 x 6" (15cm) Octagonal Black Plastic Basket
1 x Portuguese Orchid Repotting Bark Small Grade 6.12mm 25 Litre
1 x Small Plastic Clips (Dark Green)
1 x 7-9-5 General All-purpose formula 8.fl-oz
1 x Dyna Gro Foliage Pro - 1 Gallon (US size)
1 x Neem Oil Natural Organic Leaf Polish, 32o/z Bottle
2 x Bonsai Pro by Dyna- Gro 7-9-5 8o/z Bottle
2 x Orchid Tree Fern Slab 45x15x1.5 cm. Twin Pack
2 x 13cm Clear Aircone Round Pot.sold in packs of 3 only
1 x Tree Fern Pot
3 x Botani Wipes
2 x Bonsai Focus Repotting Mix 2lt Bag
1 x Orchid Focus Feed - Grow 300ml
2 x Dyna Gro Mag-Pro 8 fl oz Bottle.
3 x Orchid Virus Test Kit
2 x Dragonfly/Butterfly clips
1 x pH - Up, 0.0.5, 8 o/z Bottle.
4 x 5cm Black Plastic Baskets
1 x Orchid Tree Fern Slab 50x20x1.5cm
1 x Houseplant Myst 750ml
2 x BetterGrow Bonsai Pruning Scissors
1 x Grow More Orchid Feed 20-20-20 1.25lb size
1 x Vanda Their Botany,History, and culture by Martin Motes
1 x Rain Mix Orchid Feed 1kg Tub
1 x Bettergrow Soft Tie 3.5m 8 Metres
1 x NEW Product Dyna Flush 32o/z Bottle
2 x Orchid Myst 300ml x 3
2 x Orchid Focus Pour & Grow 1Litre
1 x Orchiata 5 Litre Power 5 Litre Bag 9.12mm Grade
1 x Renziana Volume 4 Cattleya
1 x Grow More Orchid Feed 6-30-30
1 x Small Plastic Clips (Dark Brown)
2 x Black Marker Pen
2 x Orchid Focus Repotting Bark 8 Litre Bag
1 x Organic Tomato Fetiliser 1Lt Bottle
1 x House Plant Focus 100ml
1 x Tree Fern Substrate 5Lt Bag,
1 x New Zealand Sphagnum Moss 100g compressed pack
2 x 7-9-5. General All Purpose Formula 1 US Gallon
1 x Dyna Gro Pro-Tekt 0-0-3 8 fl.oz.
1 x Paphiopedilum Species, The Essential Guide by Oakeley and Braem
2 x EZ Mist Sprayer with misting tube
1 x Portuguese Orchid Repotting Bark, Medium Grade 10-15mm 25Lt Bag
1 x Growing Windowsill Orchids Second Addition
1 x PH Down 1-5-0. 8o/z Bottle
1 x Portuguese Orchid Repotting Bark Medium Grade 10-15mm 15Lt Bag.
3 x Neem Oil Natural Organic Leaf Polish 8o/z Bottle
2 x Love Your Orchid Gift Set
1 x 1kg Premier Grade Chilean Moss
1 x 3-12-6 Bloom 1US Gallon
1 x Wild Orchids of Dorset, by Martin N. Jenkinson
1 x SB Plant Invigorator and Bug Killer 250ml Concentrate
1 x Orchid Tree Fern Slabs, 50cm x 12.5 x 1.5cm Twin Pack
1 x Seramis Clay Granules 7.5 Lt Bag
2 x Bulbophyllums and Their Allies,
1 x 19cm Clear Round Pots.Sold In Packs of 5 Only
1 x PV Natural Plant Wash 120ml
2 x Labels White Plastic Stick in Type.20 x 120mm
2 x Hosepipe shut of valve to fit standard 1/2" hosepipe
3 x rs Large 38ml Size Pack of 10
1 x NEW Product Dyna-Gro Zyme 32o/z Bottle
1 x Assorted pots,4x7cm,4x9cm,4x12cm,4x15cm
1 x Dyna Gro Pro-Tekt 0-0-3 US Gallon
2 x Renziana Volume 5 Coryanthes
1 x Portuguese Orchid Repotting Bark Med/Large Grade 12-18mm 15Lt Ba
1 x Bettergrow Soft Tie 5mm 5 Metres
1 x Phalaenopsis Species Book
3 x SB Plant Invigorator Bug Killer 500ml Ready To use
1 x Argentinian Dried Sphagnum Moss 5k Bale
1 x Orchid Focus Drip Feeders 38ml 6 Pack
1 x 15cm Clear Pots sold in packs of 5.
3 x Orchid Pruning Scissors Green
1 x Renziana Volume 1 Paphiopedilums
1 x 8" (20cm) Octagonal Black Plastic Basket
1 x Classic 100gm Pack New Zealand Sphagnum Long Stand Moss Classic
1 x Organic Tomato Fetiliser 1Lt Bottle
3 x Orchid Focus Grow 100ml
1 x Oasis Floral Tape - Green (26mm x 27m)
2 x Orchid Focus Feed Bloom 300ml
1 x Wild Orchids of The Middle Atlantic States
1 x 500g Premier Grade Chilean Moss
1 x Bettergrow 50metres Twist Wire Tie
1 x Orchid Myst 750ml Bottle
2 x Orchid Focus Bloom 100ml
1 x Terrariuns, A Beginner`s Guide
1 x AAAAA (5A) 100gm Pack New Zealand Sphagnum Long Stand Moss Premi
1 x Cactus Focus Repotting Mix 8 Litres
1 x 4" (10cm) Octagonal Black Plastic Basket
1 x Orchid Focus Myst 100ml
1 x 15cm Clear Aircone round Pots, sold in Packs of 3 only
2 x Orchid Focus Repotting Bark 3 Litre Bag
1 x Dyna Gro Pro-Tekt 0-0-3 32 fl.oz.
2 x Orchid Myst 300ml
1 x Renziana Volume 3 Vandas
1 x SUPERthrive 1Pint Bottle (480ml)Plant Food Supplement.
1 x An Orchid Kingdom DVD
1 x Portuguese Orchid Repotting Bark, Small Grade 6-12mm 15Lt Bag
1 x Orchid Tree Fern Pole, 40x4x4cm Approx Size
1 x Carnivorous Plants Adrian Slack
1 x Paphiopedilum Albino Forms
1 x Bonsai Focus (100ml)
1 x Rain MIX Orchid Feed 140g Pack
1 x 3-12-6 Bloom 8 fl.oz
1 x NEW Product Dyna Flush 8o/z Bottle
1 x 6cm Clear Pot Round Pots, 10 Per Pack
1 x 250g Premier Grade Chilean Moss
1 x Rose Focus 500ml
1 x Cactus Focus 100ml Bottle
1 x 13cm Clear Pots, Non aircone type. sold in packs of 5 only
1 x SUPERthrive 680ml Ready to use Foliar Spray.
1 x Superthrive 4o/z bottle Plant Food Supplement.
1 x 5kg Premier Grade Chilean Moss
1 x 9cm Clear Aircone pots sold in packs of 5
1 x Small Clear Orchid Flower Spike Clips 10 Per Pack
1 x Portuguese repotting Bark Extra Large Grade 15-25mm 15mm Bags
1 x Wild Orchids of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
1 x Intriguing Masdevallias by Jo Kelleher
1 x NEW Product Dyna-Zyme 8o/z Bottle.
1 x New Zealand Sphagnum Moss 500g Bale Classic Grade
1 x 7-9-5 General All-purpose formula 32.fl-oz
1 x Rain Mix Orchid Feed 400g Tub
1 x SB Plant Invigorator and Bug Killer 500ml Concentrate
3 x Dyna Gro Foliage Pro 8 fl.oz.
1 x Airplant Myst 300ml
2 x KLN - The Rooting Solution 32 fl.oz.
1 x Better Grow Pruning Scissors, Straight titanium coated blades
1 x Orchid Focus Root Ultra 300ml
1 x Orchid Tree Fern Slabs, 30x15x2.5cm Twin Pack
1 x Renziana All 5 Volumes