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You can use our online secure site, or you can phone your order through, Tel: 01295 712159

Credit Card Payment

Your safe shopping guarantee is effected through the use of paypal to complete our internet payment process, you may use all major credit and debit cards or your Paypal account if you have one
You do not need a Paypal account.

We will not send any orders without payment unless prior arrangements have been made first.

Shipping & Handling

All orders will be sent by a Postal service or Carrier Estimated delivery times 3 to 5 working days, a signature is required, you can request for the courier driver to leave the parcel somewhere else, but this is at your own risk and Orchid Accessories will not be responsible for any loss.


If you are unhappy with an item, you may return it for a full refund, less the cost of postage both ways.

A faulty or damaged item will be replaced at no cost to yourself although we reserve the right to request the return of the item or proof of damage.

For low cost items (such as pots) damaged in transit, a refund will be issued rather than a replacement sent due to the high cost of postage.

Delivery Charges

There is a minimum order value of 10.00 GBP required (before carriage, which is based on your orders weight and destination, this will be shown during the checkout proccess) if your order does not reach the minimum value you will be advised on the shopping cart page. If the destintion is outside the UK then charges will be dearer to reflect the extra costs incurred, as stated earlier, the relevent charge will be shown on your shopping cart, before you finally place an order
All orders are shipped via our preferred couriers, delivery will take between 3 - 5 working days.
You may think that our shipping costs are expensive but many of our accessories are either heavy or need careful packing and handling, we do not make any money out of our shipping costs. We are constantly evaluating our carriage rates to give you the best value for money.

Shows and Events

We attend many shows and events throughout the year, look at our web site Show Calendar to see if we are in your area, we will be happy to bring your order to these events free of any delivery costs. We can notify you of our stand number.

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We Accept
3 x New Zealand Sphagnum Moss 100g compressed pack
2 x Paphiopedilum Albino Forms
9 x Orchid Focus Bloom 500ml
9 x Jungle Green 1-0-1: 1qt USA Size
2 x A General Purpose Orchid Mix 5Lts
2 x Douglas Fir Bark Large - 15 Litre
1 x 15cm Clear Aircone Round Pots, sold in Packs of 5 only
2 x 6cm Clear Pot Round Pots, 10 Per Pack
1 x 6" 15w Clip Fan.
2 x Orchids of Huanglong by Hoger Perner & Yibi Luo
2 x Orchid Focus Drip Feeders Large 38ml Size
2 x Orchid Tree Fern Slabs, 30x15x2.5cm Twin Pack
2 x Flower Vials - 15mm x 110mm
2 x Hardwood Octagonal Basket 260mm x 260mm x 90mm
2 x Bonsai Focus (300ml)
1 x 7-9-5. General All Purpose Formula 1 US Gallon
2 x KLN - The Rooting Solution 8 fl.oz
2 x Green Plastic Coated Wire Ties
2 x Ladybird Clips
1 x Small Plastic Clips (Dark Brown)
9 x Chilli Focus 300ml
9 x Botani Wipes
1 x Bonsai Focus (100ml)
1 x Cymbidium Clips
1 x Dyna-Gro Mag Pro 32 fl.oz.
1 x Dyna Gro Pro-Tekt 0-0-3 32 fl.oz.
1 x Dyna Gro Orchid-Pro 7-8-6. 8 oz Bottle.
1 x Green Coated Wire 205m
1 x Dyna Gro Mag-Pro 8 fl oz Bottle.
1 x Dyna Gro Foliage Pro 8 fl.oz.
1 x Fancy Butterfly Clips
1 x Dyna Gro Foliage Pro 32 fl.oz
1 x Dragonfly/Butterfly clips
1 x Hardwood Oblong Basket 165mm x 270mm
1 x Dyna Gro Foliage Pro - 1 Gallon (US size)
1 x Dyna Gro Pro-Tekt 0-0-3 8 fl.oz.
1 x Dyna Gro Pro-Tekt 0-0-3 US Gallon
8 x An Orchid Kingdom DVD
1 x Bonsai Pro by Dyna- Gro 7-9-5 8o/z Bottle
1 x Black Marker Pen
1 x Neem Oil Natural Organic Leaf Polish 8o/z Bottle
1 x KLN - The Rooting Solution 32 fl.oz.
1 x Hosepipe shut of valve to fit standard 1/2" hosepipe
1 x Hardy Orchids by Philip Cribb & Christopher Bailes
1 x NEW Product Dyna Flush 32o/z Bottle
1 x NEW Product Dyna Flush 8o/z Bottle
1 x NEW Product Dyna-Gro Zyme 32o/z Bottle
1 x NEW Product Dyna-Zyme 8o/z Bottle.
1 x Labels White Plastic Stick in Type.20 x 120mm
1 x Intriguing Masdevallias by Jo Kelleher
1 x Haws Nickel Plated 300ml Mister
1 x New Zealand Sphagnum Moss 1kg Ultimate 5A Grade
1 x New Zealand Sphagnum Moss 1kg Supreme AAA Grade
1 x Houseplant Focus - Repotting Mix
1 x House Plant Focus 300ml
1 x House Plant Focus 100ml
1 x House Plant Focus 1 Litre
1 x Growing Windowsill Orchids Second Addition
1 x Flower Vials 12mm x 85mm 5 per pack
1 x Orchiata Orchid Bark Power+ 12-18mm Large Grade 40 litre bags
1 x Orchiata 5 Litre Power 9.12mm Medium Grade
1 x New Zealand Sphagnum Moss Blended Grade 3kg Bale
1 x Orchiata 5 Litre Seedling Bark 3-6mm
1 x New Zealand Sphagnum Moss Classic AA Grade 1kg.
1 x Orchid Focus Drip Feeders Large 38ml Size Pack of 10
1 x Orchiata 5 Litre Classic 6.9mm Small Grade
1 x Orchid Focus Bloom Fertilizer 5 Litre Bottle
1 x Orchids of Malaya by LB Segerback
1 x Orchid Focus Re-potting Bark 8 Litre Bag
1 x Orchid Focus Grow 5 Litre Bottle
1 x Orchids of the Solomon Islands and Bougainville
1 x Perlite Medium 2-6mm Grade 5Litre bag size
1 x Orchid Focus Re-potting Bark 3 Litre Bag
1 x Orchids of Kenya by Joyce Stewart & Bob Campbell
1 x Orchid Pruning Scissors Green
8 x Orchid Stamp Collecting by Harry Wilshaw
1 x Orchid Repotting Kit 13cm Pot Size
1 x Orchid Focus Bloom 100ml
1 x New Zealand Sphagnum Moss 500g Bale Premier Grade
1 x Orchid Focus Ultra 300ml
1 x Orchid Focus Ultra 100ml
1 x Orchid Myst 750ml Bottle
1 x Orchid Myst 750ml Bottle
1 x Orchid Myst 300ml x 3
1 x Orchid Myst 300ml
8 x Orchid Focus Grow 500ml
8 x Paphiopedilum Species, The Essential Guide by Oakeley and Braem
1 x Organic Tomato Fetiliser 1Lt Bottle
1 x Orchid Focus Grow 1lt Bottle
1 x Orchid Focus Bloom 1lt Bottle
1 x Orchid Focus Feed - Grow 300ml
1 x Orchid Focus Gift Pack 300ml Pack size
2 x Orchid Focus Grow 100ml
1 x New Zealand Sphagnum Moss 150g Bale Premier Grade
1 x Orchid Focus 3 Pack
1 x Orchid Focus Feed Bloom 300ml
1 x Growing Orchids Under Lights
1 x Hanging Basket With Moss Liner
1 x African Orchids by Mollie Pottinger
1 x Brown 12cm Octagonal Plastic Pots with Terracota hanger, 5 per p
1 x A Portuguese Pinaster Small Grade Orchid Bark 6-12mm 15Lt Bag
1 x A Portuguese Pinaster Medium Grade Orchid Bark 9-15mm 15Lt Bag
1 x Assorted clear pots, 3x7cm, 3x8cm, 3x9cm, 3x12cm, 3x15cm
1 x A Portuguese Pinaster Large Grade Orchid Bark 12-20mm 15Lt Bag
1 x AAAAA (5A) 100gm Pack New Zealand Sphagnum Long Stand Moss. Moss
1 x 9x9x9.5cm Square Black Plastic Pots, 10 Per Pack,
1 x 9cm Round Clear Aircone Pot.
1 x 8x8x9cm Square Black Plastic Pots, 10 Per Pack
1 x A. General Purpose Orchid Mix 2Lts
1 x A. General Purpose Orchid Mix 15 Lts
7 x Phalaenopsis Species Book
7 x The Orchid Genus Book by Patsy Webster